Tuesday, 31 March 2009

DPM Update

Having spent some time with the man from Dell (monty?) it appears we have resolved the issue with the autoloader. It now backs up across multiple tapes - hooray!

It appears that the Removeable Storage Media service was the problem; once it was stopped and the Dell drivers updated, the system was able to correctly identify the autoloader device; previously, it just showed it as an Ultrium 3 tape drive.

I carried out a couple of tests over the weekend and they both worked really well - I've now loaded the device up completely, erased all existing data on the tapes and am going to start setting up a more efficient tape backup regime. I did one test and it allows me to pull out individual files from the tape - I need to work out how long we are going to keep the backups and how often we will run them. We have a number of options, but I'm not certain which is going to be the most efficient method. I'll maybe post some more on this later.

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